The Feast

Lord Petre GregorescuTo celebrate the completion of the Harvest and coming of winter, Lord Count [[:Petre Gregorescu]] hosts a grand feast at Rivenholt. The PCs, being household knights to Lord Petre attend the feast, seated somewhere down the middle of the long-table. Ahead of the squires and children, but down the table from the Landed Knights. [[:Lord Gregor]], the Count’s younger brother sits at Lord Petre’s personal table, to the right of the Count himself. Next to him, his young wife the [[:Lady Ioana]]. Lord Petre’s Children sit to his left in order of age, [[:Ser Petre]] the eldest along with his wife the [[:Lady Elena]], then [[:Ser Nicolae]] and his wife the [[:Lady Lilith]], followed by [[:Ser Garren]], and lastly Count’s youngest daughter the [[:Maiden Loralyn]].

The feast is bountiful… The mead and ale are being poured… Its granted that you are drinking and eating heartily. The only question is how heartily? (Take note of events and PC’s actions to see how alert and aware they will be later this night.)

As the first courses go down the tables, musicians play, shouts for ale are heard.

More courses follow, muscians begin being accompanied by knights who stand to sing along.
[[:Ser Pavell]] “What hundreds nay! What Thousands think? Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink!”

Another course is passed, the noise and rancor is great! Count Petre’s herald begins slamming his staff to the floor, and calls for silence! His voice born to be a heralds is loud, clear, baritone, and loud. “Our Lord Count Petre Gregorescu, master of Rivenholt, hero of the Battle of Riventown, you host desires your attention.”

Silence falls upon and down the hall.

The Feast

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