Night of the Feast

Late that night, after the feasting is done, those with rooms have gone to bed, a few have snuck out to the stable to lay with serving wenches, the hall fires have dwindled to embers…

most likely, the PC’s have found places to sleep with their fur and hide blankets somewhere in the great hall.

Depending upon the PC’s level of drinking and feasting, they will be awoken, and possibly semi-alert when the shouts and screams in the hall are heard. “Its coming from the Lords chambers!”

Those knights alert enough to timely enter Count Petre’s chambers will see Lord Gregor’s body slumped against the wall and Count Petre standing over his dead son Petre’s body, sword in hand in a defensive posture.

Count Petre is facing a hideous, green tinged, nine foot tall humanlike creature. This creature wields a rusting, gore-stained Great Sword in its left claw/hand. The foul odor of pestilence and rotting meat assails your sense of smell. having drunk your share, You wretch. (test PC’s endurance modified by lvl of drunkenness).

It gazes upon the Count for a moment, then looks at the entering party, and looks again at the count before dashing into the hearth fire, extengishing it in a puff of foul smoke.

Night of the Feast

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